About us

MB „IT Department“ is a young but experienced and ambitious team of professionals, providing information technology services. We take care about Your computer, related devices, servers, cloud computing – starting with prophylaxis and ending with repair and supply of new devices.
Consigning your devices to us, you will be sure about pricewise and quality services, because we base on trust the relationship between us and our customers. We take responsibility for the stable work of our customers’ devices, whether we are talking about one or one hundred devices.
In today’s world we are increasingly dependent on information technology. As everyday operations are overpassing to the internet space, we cannot even imagine our life or work without a computer or phone. We follow the news from around the world, pay bills, communicate and share impressions with our loved ones even if they are in thousands of kilometers from us …  
In business fast and fluent work is even more important. Sharing the information with colleagues and partners must be fast but at the same time safe. The office work must be smooth and rapid.
So naturally it is becoming more and more important to avoid misfunction of IT devices, to repair breakdowns immediately, install new devices as quick as possible.

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