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Answer the following questions:

• Don't have your IT professional? • Don't want to get distractions when your IT professional is on vacation or sick? • Does your IT professional have all the competencies required for IT maintenance?

• Do you have several departments, so your IT specialist travels a lot? • You do not want to take care of IT professionals change and knowledge about the specificity of IT economy?

• Do your company projects require more IT professionals than they work in the company? • Your IT Professional is working on important business projects, so there is no time for small IT issues?

If you answered one question as follows-we can help you!

kompiuterių priežiūra

Basic supervision of IT technologies

We take care that computing jobs in your office work without interruption: we optimise the internal network, update the software licenses, fully prepare computers for new employees, supervise the daily task of the employee Able to perform quickly and efficiently.

Information protection

We recommend optimal solutions for the security of your managed information: We install/update antivirus programs, "Build" firewalls, program help minimize the possibility of intentional or accidental leaks of information, we encode data.
Duomenų apsauga
Serverių nuoma

Migrate data to the cloud

We eliminate your costs for server maintenance-we store encrypted data on your server. Your employees can access information based on their credentials and can work on the same document with multiple employees at once. Data are stored in 3 copies, so there is no risk of losing information.

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We are removing faults with you, and only in exceptional cases we take the equipment unto ourselves. Therefore, call or write-we will agree time