Services for private client

Perform daily operations quickly and smoothly!

If your computer is capable of being repaired – we do it!

Installing Windows operating systems, MacOS, Linux

Recover lost data from corrupted media

Repair, replacement of broken computer shells

Virus search, and delete them

Replacing broken joints, soldered

 Dust removal from cooling systems

Software Installation

Overcast Computer Repair

Change screens (maters)-Sales

Repair of motherboards

Video post repair, replacing with a new one

Preparing a new PC for work

Keyboards change

Computer sales

Gaming computer "looping"

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Make a bold call, whether you want to only ask if you register for repairs, or ask for a quote for the entire IT farm maintenance. Always waiting for your call!

More convenient to write than to call? Suits us! We await your letter in which we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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We are removing faults with you, and only in exceptional cases we take the equipment unto ourselves. Therefore, call or write-we will agree time